Leopard toast

This is the best toast I have ever eaten. Leopard is wild and cute. It is easy to operate, cocoa taste, and children love to eat leopard toast.

Ingredients; eggs, milk, high-gluten flour, sugar, cocoa powder, butter, yeast, salt
Leopard toast practice steps;
Ingredients; 1 egg; 250 grams of high-gluten flour; 150 grams of milk; 40 grams of sugar; 20 grams of cocoa powder; 15 grams of butter; 3 grams of yeast; 1 teaspoon of salt
2 except cocoa powder mixed all materials
3 into a smooth dough to the expansion stage, and then divided into three equal parts
4 Add cocoa powder to the two doughs in a ratio of 1:3.
5 Put the dough on the plastic wrap and put it into the oven. Select “fermentation mode 38 ° C, 45 minutes”
6 fermented dough each 8 equal parts, wake up 15-20 minutes
7 Use a noodle to flatten each dough and roll it up, then apply a dark coffee-colored dough to the light coffee-colored noodles. Finally, wrap the dark coffee noodles with the original color.
8 Put all the wrapped noodles into the toast mold
9 Put the toast box into the oven and select “fermentation mode 38 ° C, 45 minutes” for secondary fermentation.
10 Fermentation to 2 times larger, select “smart mode – bread – toast”