Vegetable salty cake

In fact, the dish is not necessarily used for the baking party. This time, I tried to use it to bake a cake. It is also very useful. This time, this cake is very special. One is completely salty. The other is not using an oven. Instead, it uses an air fryer to bake. It also uses linseed oil instead of butter. It is healthier and can be said to be broken. The tradition of tradition. Why would I choose this mini pie to bake a cake? Because the air fryer has its own hot air baking function, the round cake is used to bake the cake, the distance from the heating tube is close, and the temperature is high, which is easy to cause the surface cake paste to be boasted, so that the finished product presents a side phenomenon. Therefore, the mold must be low in volume and lower in temperature, so I thought of using a dish to make a cake. It turns out that the finished product is very successful and the demoulding is also very good. It can be seen that the mold will not be divided into any occasion and tool as long as it can be used.

Ingredients; eggs, low flour, carrots, zucchini, onions, mozzarella cheese
The steps of the vegetable salt cake;
1 Eggs are broken up and salt is added.
2 Add linseed oil.
3 Stir evenly and mix the eggs with the oil.
4 The low powder is mixed with the baking powder and sieved into the egg liquid.
5 Cut carrots, zucchini, and onions into cubes. Pour a little oil into the pan and stir fry a few times.
6 Mix a portion of the vegetable diced with the batter. At this time, the air fryer is preheated at 180 degrees for 5 minutes.
7 Pour into the mini party.
8 put in the frying basket of the air fryer.
9 use air fryer, bake at 160 degrees for 10 minutes.
10 Open the fry basket, observe the baking degree of the cake, spread the remaining vegetables on the surface of the cake, sprinkle a little mozzarella cheese, put it back in the air fryer, and bake for 2 minutes until the surface cheese melts.
Note: 1. Only one egg can be used. The eggs I use are relatively large.
           2. Because it is a salty cake, you can put salt according to your own taste.