Ham, scallions, Italian salty cake

In the impression of everyone, the cake is sweet, sweet… and it is easy to gain weight; let many people want to eat and dare not eat, even away from it! Today, let’s take a look at this unique flavor of salty cake! It will make your taste buds bloom…

Ingredients; eggs, white sugar, low-gluten flour, cooking oil, baking powder, table salt, ham, chopped green onion
The steps of the ham scallions Italian salty cake; 1 weigh all the raw materials;
     2 eggs, white sugar together into a bowl, whipped with an electric egg beater to saccharification, about 3 minutes;
     3 sift into low-gluten flour and baking powder;
     4 then use an electric egg beater to whipped to a uniform batter without dry powder, about 1 minute;
     5 Add cooking oil, the egg beater does not turn on the electricity, and the stirring is even;
     6 Put the stirred cake paste into the flower bag;
     7 裱 flower bag tip cut a bit, squeeze the cake paste into the mold, 8 minutes full;
     8 Sprinkle the right amount of ham and chopped green on the cake surface;
     9 put in the fire 180, under the fire 160 degrees preheated oven, the middle layer, about 25 minutes of baking;
     10 baked cake surface golden yellow, no liquid solution on the surface, you can get out!

Matters needing attention: 1, after sifting the low-gluten flour, do not stir for too long, avoid battering;
     2. After pouring the corn oil, stir it evenly;
     3, baking time, the weight of the batter is increased or decreased; a toothpick is inserted in the middle of the cake, the toothpick has no sticks, and the cake is cooked.