Pineapple grilled squid

The pineapple grilled squid is a gourmet that can be cooked at a glance. You can enjoy the delicious food in the home of the new special multi-function cooking box. Clean and healthy! The surface of the grilled squid that is not baked on the baking sheet is full of golden color and is very appetizing and delicious. Take a bite of squid and come with a sweet, sour, soft and soft pineapple. The fish is accompanied by the scent of pineapple. It’s awesome!

Ingredients; squid, pineapple, lemon, onion, ginger, salt, steamed fish oyster sauce, pepper, cooking wine
Pineapple grilled squid practice steps;
     1 squid cleaned, pineapple slices, lemon, onion ginger spare.
     2 pineapple cut into small pieces, lemon and ginger are sliced separately, and shallots are shredded.
     3 The squid is cut in half, and each side is cut into three pieces.
     4 Sprinkle with salt and pepper, pour in cooking wine, steamed fish and oyster sauce.
     5 Put the onion and ginger slices, a little cooking oil, and put the disposable gloves on both sides evenly.
     6 Put in a lemon slice and cover with a plastic wrap for half an hour.
     7 Remove the onion and ginger slices, pour a little cooking oil into the baking pan, and add the squid and lemon slices.
     8 Cover the lid and wait for one minute.
     9 Put the squid over the pineapple block and continue to roast.
     10 pineapple to a slightly soft and translucent shape, squid to two sides of golden, sprinkle with scallions to enjoy delicious!

Precautions; the squid can be marinated in advance, placed in the refrigerator, and taken out the next day to bake, very convenient. When the squid is placed in the baking tray, the onion ginger should be removed, because it is easy to scorch and affect the taste. Adjust the baking time according to the size of the squid.