Fashion new way to eat — egg pudding

Fashion new way to eat – original shell egg pudding
Nowadays, the popular egg pudding method, the egg pudding with the original shell, I also tried it today, the taste is very good, it is worth promoting!

Ingredients; egg shell, egg liquid, milk, fine sugar
   Egg pudding practice steps;
   1Poke a hole in the tip of the egg with a knife, then pry open a little by hand, pour out the egg liquid
   2 Use a small pair of scissors to cut the circle along the hole
   3 Then wash the eggshell inside and outside and drain it. (The base can be used to take the egg in the refrigerator.)
   4 Take an amount of egg liquid and break up the egg liquid
   5 milk and white sugar into the egg, pour into the egg mixture and mix well
   6 Filter the milk egg liquid twice with a strainer
   7 becomes a fine and impurity-free milk egg liquid
   8 pour into the eggshell mold, eighty-nine points full look
   9 Heat the water in the baking tray, place the egg mold on the biscuit mold, and put it in the preheated 190 degree oven for 20 minutes.
   10 can also be covered with plastic wrap cold water pot without oven, steam for ten minutes, remember the small fire
   11 sleek and delicate egg pudding, also with the original shell flavor you want to try!

Sleek and tender caramel milk egg pudding (no need for an oven)
When I was shopping on the Internet, I saw this non-roasted caramel milk egg pudding, which looks cute and smooth, I like it very much, share it.

Ingredients; white sugar, egg yolk, milk, qq sugar
Caramel milk egg pudding practice steps
   1 50 grams of sugar into the pot and melted in a small fire.
   2 When it melts into dark color, don’t overdo it. Add hot water and stir it. This is caramel.
   3 caramel is poured into the prepared container and placed in the refrigerator for a while.
   4 After mixing 2 eggs, use a filter screen 2 times to ensure that the pudding is smooth and smooth.
   5 sieved eggs, 240 grams of milk, 50 grams of qq sugar, I use the taste of orange, put together.
   6 Water-soluble qq sugar will be on the line (egk yolk + milk + QQ sugar in the container, and then put into the pot with water, the water boil, turn off the fire, keep stirring, QQ sugar will melt)
   7 Filter into a caramelized container.
   8 After putting the refrigerator for 3 hours, it will be fine.
   9 When taking the pudding, use a toothpick to turn it around and put the mold on the plate. You can also use a hot towel for a while, then take the mold away.