Buckwheat assorted bell pepper

Now people’s living standards are getting better and better, which leads to a lot of people’s over-nutrition. So many people are keen on fitness and all kinds of weight loss. In fact, if you want to be healthy and not getting fat, you need to pay attention to your diet in addition to exercising. Open your legs” Well! Tri-color buckwheat is a good choice. It is a low-calorie and low-fat healthy food. It not only promotes gastrointestinal motility, but also accelerates the burning and decomposition of fat in the body. It prevents fat from accumulating in the body and is often eaten. It can slim down and lose weight, and it contains nutrients that can regulate the spleen and stomach to delay aging and enhance the body’s resistance. So now more and more people fall in love with it.
Today to share the way to eat a buckwheat: buckwheat assorted peppers. The practice is simple and fast, and people who lose weight can’t miss it!

Ingredients; shrimp, fengli tricolor buckwheat, assorted vegetables, eggs, colored peppers, chutney salad dressing, ginger water

The practice steps of buckwheat assorted bell peppers;
     1, ready for ingredients
     2, Fengqi three-color buckwheat simmered in 3-5 times, soaked in water for more than 2 hours;
     3 Shrimp is placed in ginger water for about 20 minutes;
     4 eggs are steamed and cut;
     5 assorted vegetables are cooked thoroughly;
     6 shrimp with ginger water together into the pot, cooked, drained, cut into small pieces;
     7 Soaked three-color buckwheat is rinsed and put into the pot, add appropriate amount of water (no buckwheat can be cooked) until the water is dry;
     8 into the bowl;
     9 color pepper washed and cut to the top, dug out the pepper seeds to make a cockroach;
     10 Pour eggs, assorted vegetables, and shrimp into a bowl of buckwheat;
     11 pour in the sauerkraut salad dressing and mix well, then add the color pepper 盅, you can cut a little bit of colored pepper garnished;

Matters needing attention: 1. The amount of seasonings should be increased or decreased according to their own taste;
            2. Shrimp is very easy to cook, so the time of drowning should not be too long to avoid affecting the taste;
            3. The buckwheat skin contains a layer of saponin. If it is not washed and cleaned, it will have a bitter taste. So I have to wash it a few times. I soak it one night in advance, so it is easier to cook.