Australia—Southern Land

This seaside town was probably born for the Great Barrier Reef. People came and went in a hurry and sat bus between the hotel and the port. It is like a transit station, washing away the tiredness of playing outside for a day, preparing for the next day’s carnival.

Brunch is an inaccessible part of Australian life. Even a small town in Australia, you can find a coffee shop that offers delicious brunch. The restaurant near the port has been the best restaurant in Queensland. The award is mainly for Australian modern cuisine. The seafood is very fresh and the lobster sauce is very good for my appetite. Raw oysters must be eaten, and Australia’s oysters are quite refreshing and have no astringency. The restaurant needs to be booked in advance, otherwise there may be no location.

Great Barrier Reef Franklin Island
Take a boat to the coral reefs on the west side of the island. I have been to many dive sites to see the Great Barrier Reef. I was completely shocked. Not only are there common yellow-blue coral reefs, but also coral polyps. The green strip corals keep swinging and the yellow tentacles flash. The light, and the giant blue dragonfly of fluorescent blue, is the underwater garden in the science fiction film. The most amazing thing about the snorkeling point is that this giant cockroach, the blue-violet fluorescent color is open and close, and I am really like the alien creature, “WA, WOW” keeps on. These yellow-green-purple corals are easy to see in the Great Barrier Reef. I think the island is more suitable for snorkeling than the Great Barrier Reef. Because the sea is shallow, the coral is closer to people, and the snorkeling area is wider. Collided with the “undersea walk”.

Paronilla Park
Paroneira Park is not very popular. It was first known because it was a photo from a circle of friends. The moving light and shadow passed through the Cowley Tree Avenue. It seemed that it was just an ordinary scene but it touched my heart. I did not expect that after a few months, I came here myself, and there are some harbingers of destiny. Many people in Parola Nera Park say that it is the inspiration for Miyazaki’s “City of the Sky”. This is not a testimony, it is the beautiful meaning that people give it. The existence of the park is a true story about love and dreams.
In order to share his dreams with the public, Jose designed the park as a club, allowing people from all over the world to enter the park. In addition to picnics in the picnic area, guests can enjoy a waterfall like a silver screen, a ballroom in the banquet hall, a wedding party, and a game of music in the castle.

Emerald Island, Great Barrier Reef
Emerald Island, hipsters are on vacation.

Great Barrier Reef
High tide, helicopter overlooking the Great Barrier Reef
Looking at the Great Barrier Reef, the helicopter overlooks the Great Barrier Reef.
Flying in the morning, the backlight is very serious, the coral reef is not so clear, even the Great Barrier Reef is so beautiful that my mobile phone is hot.

When the road passes through a large eucalyptus forest, you can always see a few wild koalas lazily there, stunned and cute.

St. Paul’s Cathedral (St. Paul’s Cathedral)

Gibson Steps