Different salty flavors to satisfy your discerning taste buds

When it comes to baking, many people’s first reaction is always sweet to the taste of the mouth, and the feeling of eating more will always get tired. However, compared to the pure sweet cake or bread, the salty and fragrant chives cookies, the Chinese style salty Madeleine, or the bacon bread with bacon meat… seems to touch your discerning taste buds!

Fresh and salty [Shallot soda cracker]

[Shallot soda crackers], salty biscuits made with olive oil and a little salt, less calories, less of a psychological burden. Ingredients; medium-gluten flour, olive oil, eggs, dry yeast powder, salt, soda, and shallots.
Procedure steps; 1 Prepare all materials: Stir the eggs into egg liquid, wash the chives and cut into fine grains.
          2 Mix all the ingredients into dough and ferment the dough for 1 hour at room temperature.
          3. The fermented dough is kneaded into a dough and the surface is brushed with a layer of olive oil.
          4, folded into a dough, the surface brushed olive oil and then folded.
          5, smash into rectangular pieces, fork some holes with a fork, cut into pieces
          7, the dough can be shaped according to preferences, I made a rectangle and a circle.
          8. Put the baking tray into the middle layer of the preheated oven at 170 °C, bake for 15 minutes, and bake it into color.

Note: 1 Egg liquid should be adjusted according to the water absorption of flour
2 Use a fork to fork the hole in the dough piece to prevent the baking from sticking up.
3 The thinner the dough, the crisper it is.
4 Do not put more soda powder

Salty cheese finger cake

Salty cheese finger cake
Salty cheese, salty biscuits, right to my appetite!
Ingredients; butter, medium flour, kraft cheese powder, baking powder, powdered sugar, whole egg liquid, salt
Practice steps: 1 softened butter with electric egg beater at low speed to loose
           2 Add powdered sugar and salt, whipped evenly with electric egg beater at low speed
           3 Add a small amount of egg liquid in several portions
           4 Every time you have to whipped it evenly, then add it again.
           5 Every time you have to whipped it evenly, then add it again.
           6 Take a small dough and knead it into small strips, put them on a non-stick baking tray, and keep a certain distance from each other.
           7 Put it in a preheated baking tray and bake it at 170°C for 15 minutes.

Green onion salty cookie
There are many kinds of cookies and tastes, and the sweetness is mostly. The salty cookies are also very delicious. The taste of adding the scallion is really good. The choice of raw materials is healthier, reducing the amount of butter used and adding a certain amount. The vegetable oil, the liquid is made of clear water, but it does not affect the taste of the cookies, but it has a unique flavor.

Ingredients; butter, corn flour, powdered sugar, low-gluten flour, scallions, salt
Practice steps; 1 butter softened and cut into small pieces at room temperature, mixed with powdered sugar.
           2 Mix the butter and powdered sugar with a spatula and whipped with a whisk to fluff.
           3. Pour in the corn oil and beat evenly with an egg beater.
           4 Pour in water and beat evenly with an egg beater.
           5 Wash the chives and drain them.
           6 Put in the batter and mix well, sift into the low-gluten flour and mix well.
           7 Bake the batter into the flower bag and squeeze it on the baking tray to bake.
           8 Turn on the oven to warm up, 185 degrees on the upper and lower tubes, and the middle layer, 18 minutes. The time temperature is for reference only, please adjust it properly with your own oven temper.

Note: After the butter is softened, mix it with the powdered sugar and mix it, so it is easier to mix evenly, and it will not cause the sugar powder to splash.
The scallions should choose the green leaf part. The biscuits that come out of this way will look beautiful. The scallions should be drained and chopped into the batter to prevent the excessive moisture from affecting the dryness of the batter.

Salty mashed potato cookie
Eat the sweet cookies and try the salty cookies baked in mashed potatoes. Because there is no added flour, the taste is not the same as ordinary cookies, the surface is crisp and the inside is soft.

Ingredients: potatoes, milk, salt, corn oil, black pepper
Practice steps; 1, potatoes washed, peeled, cut thick slices
           2, cover the plastic wrap, into the microwave oven for about 5 minutes
           3, add hot corn oil, salt, milk, black pepper powder and mix well
           4, into the cut flower bag, squeeze the pattern on the oiled paper baking tray
           5, into the preheated oven in the upper layer, fire up and down 180 degrees for 15 minutes, the surface can be colored
           6, take out and let cool