In Fiji, time is wasted, enjoy these foods and beautiful scenery.

I haven’t seen the sunrise for a long time. Hey, you know, Samoa is the earliest place in the eastern time zone (GST +11). In other words, it is the first place on Earth to start the day. In other words, if you take a sunrise here, it will be the world’s first sunrise, and you will feel sleepy at first.

The plane was a little late, and it was already bright from the airport to the hotel. I found a great location at the hotel to wait for the sunrise. This hotel is a brand new hotel located in TAUMEASINA ISLAND, only a small hotel on the island.

Come out from the hotel and prepare to go to the Samoan Cultural Village for an experience. After passing through a small market, stop and go shopping.

After leaving the market, I soon came to the Samoan Cultural Village.
This is an open small village opposite the cathedral. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, starting from 10:30 am, there will be a cultural demonstration experience. And it is a free participation experience~~ very recommended! There is a wonderful torch show in the evening.

Traveling is to stay in a variety of hotels and eat a variety of different cuisines.

Unconsciously, I went to a small church. Going from the side of the church, down the path down the mountain, there is a natural rock pool in front of you, this is the Piula cave pool. The water inside the pool is clear and green, and I can’t help but change clothes and jump in, so cool! This water hole has been deep into the mountains and traveled along the waterway. After a dozen meters, it is all black, because the water is very deep enough, so if you continue to swim forward, you may hit the rock wall and return. But listen to the locals, if this hole has been going forward, you can wear it to the other side of the hole~ This is amazing!

Papapapaitai waterfall

Tosua Trench
A few minutes drive from the waterfall, it is Tosua Trench, a huge natural sea cave. At the half of the mountainside at the other end of the cave wall, there is a manually constructed wooden ladder that connects the platform at the bottom. It can be seen that some tourists have been soaked in the water.

Tree top walking
In the afternoon, I went to experience the top of the tree. The tallest watchtower is on the top of a huge banyan tree and climbs up to see the full picture of the nearby rainforest.

Upolu Island Hotels
On this island is a very traditional wooden structure of the cottage, the hotel has only a dozen rooms, the conditions are OK, each room is facing the sea.

U’polu Island Cathedral
When I saw the cathedral opposite the Cultural Village on that day, I thought about taking a few photos and going back to the island of U’polu, and I decided to go to the church.

Magic tree house

The interior of the house is quite simple, but all of it has it, and the grandfather’s understanding of the tree must be very thorough. From the design, construction, and even the interior of the log house, the growth laws of the big tree itself are fully considered and utilized.

In Fiji, time is wasted. Fijians always put this sentence on their lips, always using Fiji Time to remind people from afar. “Slow” is the main theme here. No matter what you are here, in Fiji, everything has to come slowly.