Drinking alcohol can help relieve hangover food and juice

With the increase of age, the body’s metabolism of alcohol is getting slower and slower. Many people have more headaches the night before, and the next day they wake up with a lot of headaches, which have a great impact on life and work, so eat some relief the next day. Drinking headache food is still very necessary, usually drink more people who are more entertaining, come and see which foods can help us relieve headaches!

Since ancient times, olives have been a “good medicine” for sobering, stomach warming and appetite. They can be eaten directly or with rock sugar stew.

Shiitake mushroom olive risotto

Olive tangerine stewed pork heart soup

Salted olives

Green olive ribs soup

Green olive pig lung soup

Iced sweet and sour olives


Pork belly olive soup

tomato juice
After drinking, the liver is responsible for breaking down alcohol to keep blood sugar stable. Blood sugar is the main energy source of the brain. Too low blood sugar can lead to fatigue, fatigue and depression. At this time, drinking a cup of tomato juice can replenish the sugar, and relieve the discomfort such as headache after drunkenness. The lycopene in the tomato juice also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Tomato grapefruit juice

Tomato lemon juice

Pitaya tomato juice

Yogurt tomato sauce

Tomato cherry juice

Strawberry tomato juice

Watermelon tomato juice

Freshly squeezed tomato juice