Trip to Thailand

Travel is really a magical thing, let me experience the changes of the four seasons in a few days, and feel the infinite charm of nature. Thailand, I have not remembered how many times I have been there. Every time I go, it’s not the same mood and harvest.

First of all, let me share with you the best experience of the hotel I have stayed in.

Into the bathroom, the space is very large, bath towels, bathrobes, toiletries, etc. are neatly arranged, the layout is also quite elegant, the unique floor-to-ceiling design can see the green plants outside, give you the pressure to use, of course, The curtains give a occlusion effect, and the bathtub of modern style gives a fashionable and fashionable feeling. What I like most about here is the design of their mirrors, the round mirror and the sling, the whole image shows a water drop. The style also makes this bathroom have a soul. In short, the entire design of the hotel room gives a sense of fashion and nobleness, correcting the stereotype of Thailand and improving the style of the whole room.

When it comes to Thai food, of course, seafood is the first thing to do. In addition, salads, winter yin soup, and curry soup are all essential. The meat is delicious and delicious; the tenderness of salmon is accompanied by the rich curry. The fragrance between the teeth makes you want to stop, with watermelon juice, it is refreshing. Enjoying the beauty and beauty, the mood suddenly becomes pleasant, and the unhappiness of life is left behind.

Of course, in addition to exquisite souvenirs, there are local foods that should not be missed. After all, there is no shortage of souls in the night market without food. There are nearly 30 small vendors in the night market, most of them gather together, now grilled pizza, grilled squid, kebab, fried Shrimp, Thai rice noodles, etc., make you feel good. The vendors are free and free. Most of them do not have tables and chairs. Occasionally, one or two barbecue shops have tables and chairs. It is a pleasant surprise. Choose a location, eat local specialties, and observe all kinds of faces around you. It is very comfortable.

The scenery on the top of Nanyuan Island is very good. My personal suggestion is to climb the mountain in Nanyuan Island and go to Koh Tao to go diving. When you snorkel, you can see tropical fish, corals, and cockroaches, all very beautiful.

The black and white temple is really beautiful, but the photos taken far away. The temples are more holy, and they can’t go out short skirts, slings and other exposed clothes. You can buy a shawl wrap to enclose, and you have to take off your shoes when you enter the temple, so it is convenient to wear slippers and sandals.

Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand. It belongs to Suthat Thani, and it is 80 kilometers away from the provincial capital. It took a long way to come to this place, which is listed as the first choice for Thai vacation by European and American countries. It is said that this is developed. The island was developed in the past 10 years. The government refused to choose a movie here in order to maintain its natural isolation. This made him one of the most attractive places in Thailand, enjoying it at close range. Underneath, let me have a different feeling for this quaint island.

There are six major classic night markets in Koh Samui, namely Chaweng Night Market, Central Festival Night Market, Yucun Night Market, Weinan Night Market, Natong Night Market and Lamai Night Market. They represent the nightlife of Samui in different time periods. Only Chaweng Night Market is lit up every day, which is why it is the largest commercial area in Koh Samui. As night falls, the entire pedestrian street in Chaweng Night Market is full of singing and dancing. The enthusiasm is filled in every corner. The SPA, restaurants, shemale performances and bars are full of noise. Here, you can see the collision of different skin colors. A lot of young faces, the night market lasts for a long time, and it will not fade until midnight.

Thailand is a Buddhist country and one of the main places of spread of Southern Buddhism. About 70 million people, more than 90% of the residents believe in Buddhism, and the state also stipulates that Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand. Therefore, the atmosphere of Buddhism is very strong.

Buparan Temple

Pasin Temple

Chedi Dragon Temple

Wat Chiang Man

The most reluctant thing is the hotel’s spa. The beautiful and serene cave theme creates a carefree environment. The cave is full of greenery. The Thai massage technique is very familiar, making people feel comfortable and up to the hotel facilities. Small to room decoration, all of them are heart-warming.