Mushroom shrimp stuffed quail eggs

Sometimes, when you are too lazy to make a big dish, you can study the simple and fast online foods, which saves time and effort, is nutritious and healthy, and can make the bear children who have difficulty eating shine. This shiitake mushroom boiled quail egg is steamed, no need for fancy spices, the original flavor will keep the nutrition of shrimp and quail eggs to the extreme! Keep the ingredients nutritious, tasty, low-fat and healthy.

Steps for cooking mushrooms and quail eggs;
1 First, prepare the ingredients for cooking: fresh mushrooms, quail eggs, shrimp, chives, ginger are washed and ready for use.
2 Use a small fruit knife to remove the shiitake mushrooms, and the mushroom core is used to draw a well-word knife for easy access.
3 Remove the fresh shrimps, pour them into shrimps on the chopping board, and season the salt.
4 Put the processed mushroom core up in the dish, use a small spoon to stuff the mushroom core into the shrimp, and leave the center at the notch.
5Into the mushroom core stuffed with shrimp, one by one into the quail.
6 steamer into the water to boil, the shrimp and quail eggs in the whole dish flat steamer steamed for about 12 minutes.
7 time to turn off the fire, open the cover will see steamed mushrooms, quail eggs like egg tarts sprouting, put the mushrooms and quail eggs and put them on the plate, do not pour the soup in the plate, the next step.
8 wok in the hot pot, pour the water in the steamed mushroom dish, add a little pure water to boil, the water starch is thin and thin, soy sauce seasoning.
9 long-handled spoon will be evenly simmered in the steamed mushrooms and quail eggs.