These staple foods make you lose weight without the burden

During the weight-loss period, I always like to eat less food than usual and even eat the staple food. This is a serious impact on the health of the body. If you want to lose weight, you should not reject all carbohydrate foods, just cut fat, Sweets and white rice can be used, and it is recommended that you use whole grains instead of our daily staple food, and at the same time avoid the lack of nutrition, play the dual effect of health care and weight loss!

Artemisia Sinensis chicken buckwheat rice
Buckwheat has a faint nut fragrance. It is very versatile. It can also be used as a salad or a full meal. Today, this cuisine has a reasonable nutritional mix and is suitable for dieters.

Multigrain rice balls
It is good to eat some miscellaneous grains. Cooked miscellaneous grains of rice, made into a multi-grain rice ball, very delicious, and it is also good to bring a lunch.

Baked sweet potato

Banana baked oats
Eat bananas, milk, oatmeal, sugar-free, low-calorie and delicious! A big bit is too satisfying!
It takes only 3 simple steps and it is OK to throw it into the oven.
Health is not afraid of fat, low-calorie nutritious breakfast is it!

Jujube miscellaneous grains
The living conditions of modern people have improved, and fine rice has been eaten more, the amount of exercise has decreased, and some chronic diseases have begun to endanger our health. Therefore, the intake of some coarse grains in the usual diet can play a role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. The reasonable combination of coarse grains and fine grains is not easy to cause a burden on the stomach.

Miscellaneous grains, black sesame rice paste, self-grinding multigrain rice paste, a bowl of breakfast, nutritious, spleen and stomach.

Gouqi sweet potato brown rice
Brown rice, because the inner protective skin is not damaged, contains crude fiber, wax, etc., compared with ordinary refined white rice, the slimming effect of brown rice is remarkable. The content of vitamins and minerals contained in brown rice is richer than that of refined white rice, and it is more and more popular among people. It is green and healthy food.

Health brown rice
As everyone pays more and more attention to health, and because of the high nutrition, the three high people are also very much. Eating more coarse grains can improve the nutritional structure and it is slowly accepted by everyone, but how can you cook nutritious and delicious brown rice? There are still some methods of eating rice. The ingredients are put in a certain proportion, and the cooked rice has an appetite. Here to share with everyone.

Pumpkin buckwheat rice
Buckwheat has a uniquely rich and comprehensive nutritional value. It nurtured the Inca nation, which the ancient Incas called the “mother of food”. Buckwheat is easy to cook and tastes good. It can be matched with any ingredients. Today I use pumpkin and buckwheat to add flavor and nutrition. It is recommended for fitness and weight loss.

Cornmeal sauerkraut
Cornmeal sauerkraut dumplings, northeast specialties, coarse grains, delicious nutrition, quick breakfast, steamed delicious, delicious, not hot, hot and delicious, very good taste!
Nutrition and efficacy of cornmeal: corn contains a lot of lecithins, linoleic acid, cereal alcohol, vitamin E, cellulose, etc., which has a blood pressure lowering, blood lipid-lowering, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention of intestinal cancer, beauty, and beauty, delaying aging, etc. A kind of health care effect is also a good choice for people with diabetes. Cornmeal completely retains the nutrients and conditioning functions of corn and improves the shortcomings of coarse grain foods that are not good in taste and difficult to digest.

Pumpkin lotus leaf clip
The lotus leaf clip is a Hunan snack. It is named after the lotus leaf shape. When you eat it, you can mix meat, vegetables, sauces, etc. In fact, it is Shantou, I changed my gimmick, but in order to let the children eat more, my mother is also trying my best. The ordinary white scorpion can’t afford the appetite at all, but with a unique shape, it can be different. It is not a problem to eat three or two at a time. I said that the woman who is a mother is a superman, and now I have a deep understanding. Come on, for our darlings, let’s do it together.

Sweet potato porridge

Sweet potato porridge, sweet potato sweet, baby favorite!

Cornmeal pot paste
Speaking of coarse grains may give people the feeling that it is difficult to swallow. As the standard of living mentions, our diet is getting more and more refined. I don’t know that a diet that is too fine does not have much benefit to the body. The spleen and stomach function will be long-lasting. Attenuate all kinds of small problems, so only the combination of thickness is the way to health. Today, I will tell you a new way to eat cornmeal that you will fall in love with, and then take the whole grain to a new height.

Multigrain three silk spring rolls
Spring rolls are very tasty, but the heat of frying is unhealthy. Use the multi-grain pancakes to make the skin, and roll the vegetables and eggs to fry less.

Beer multigrain bread
Since I fell in love with bread, as long as I can use the materials I want to try to see the beer on the Internet that day, haha decisively walked, although it is said to use dark beer, but the taste of dark beer is not too obvious, the texture is extremely Soft, with raisins and buckwheat is more abundant. I suggest you try it.

A very healthy staple food staple can be eaten for a long time because it is mainly for diabetics, so there is no sugar. Usually,eat more coarse grains or coarse grain powder is still relatively healthy. For example, whole wheat flour: rich in dietary fiber, effective control of elevated blood sugar; buckwheat flour: hypoglycemic blood pressure lowering blood fat; black rice flour: prevention and alleviation of complications; soy flour: lowering blood sugar, urine sugar; black soybean powder: adjusting blood sugar metabolism Wait. The whole wheat flour in this nest can be replaced with other coarse grain powder and adjusted according to personal preference.