Experience the passionate play of the Chinese Zhongwei Shapotou, people flying in the desert heart

Compared to watching mountains and rivers, the experience of the desert is even more special. The distant mirages, the moving camel mountain peaks, the stimulation of desert surfing, and the tranquility of the setting sun. Surrounded by yellow sand at the foot, take a boat in the desert, and the scenery of the desert is in Shapotou.

Shapotou is located on the southeastern edge of the Tengger Desert in the west of Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In the east, Erdao Shagou South Forest House, west to the head of the road, north to the Tengger Desert, south to the Yellow River, is one of China’s 20 key areas for sand control.

To Shapotou, the desert, of course, is the must-visit place here.

You can experience the passion and fun of sand washing and sanding. The sand washing machine is a large open-top off-road vehicle. When the speed is down, there is sand on your face.

Camel riding and sand motor riding are also classic projects to experience the desert. Four or five camels walk on the yellow sand and move forward together, like the caravan of the Silk Road.

If you are in the innocent sand sea and bring you a kind of bleak and nostalgic words, then you can ride a camel slowly and take a chance to experience another feeling that the desert brings to you.

The slopes in the desert are really strange. In the desert, the car is screaming from time to time. The tension in the car makes the adrenaline rise rapidly, and the dopamine produced is very pleasant. This is the charm of off-road in the desert. Here, you can sit on a skateboard and fly down from a height to a low point to enjoy the fun of desert surfing. You can also walk barefoot in the sand with bare feet and feel the golden sand scratching you. The soles of the feet are drilled into the soft and delicate seams of your toes.

After the sand-sliding, you still feel that you are not addictive. Then take the zip line and fly from north to south on the high altitude of nearly a kilometer. Then fly back. This is a paradise for the brave. The most classic is the sheepskin scorpion, the sheepskin scorpion: commonly known as the scorpion, an ancient ferry tool preserved by the folks along the Yellow River. It consists of more than a dozen sturdy goatskins. The scorpion is large and small, the largest sheepskin scorpion is made of more than 600 sheepskin bags, and the small leather raft is made of 14 sheepskin bags, suitable for short-distance transportation. This ancient and traditional river transport tool has existed for more than three hundred years. Time flies, sheepskin scorpion is no longer a necessity for people to travel, but today, when the tourism industry is flourishing, the sheepskin scorpion exudes more and more charming charm.