China Huangshan Tour Diary Longxintan and Emerald Valley

We have been back for two weeks, and today we have time to organize photos.

 My son, Black Bean, said that Huangshan in the third grade text is very beautiful. He wants to take a look at the real “monkey watching the sea.” I didn’t want to go because I used to go to Huangshan. In order to satisfy my son’s wishes, I thought about the “net red train” in the West Sea Grand Canyon; I saw the black bean’s appearance of “seeking knowledge and thirst.” Therefore, I rushed to prepare for the Raiders, and found that in addition to the famous Huangshan Mountain around Huangshan City, there are many places worth visiting. Train tickets, hotel booking online, and soon decided to travel plans.

   We set off on August 11 and arrived at Huangshan North Station at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. We left the station and went right for a while to the center of the tourist bus. We took the bus to the Huangshan Scenic Area for more than 1 hour. We stayed at a homestay located near the South Gate of Huangshan. The boss went to the passenger transportation center to pick up. The boss said that the next day, I would go to Huangshan at 6:00 in the morning and start from the hotel. Otherwise, even the cable cars would be Sitting, time is not enough (the cable car stops at 4:30 pm), if you go down the mountain, even if you walk from Yuping station, it will take more than 2 hours. I thought about the bumps on the road this day, and I had to climb Huangshan so early the next day, so tired. So the change plan decided to wake up to wake up the next day, first go to the “Kowloon Waterfall” and “Emerald Valley” at the foot of Huangshan to warm up.

   The next day, I slept with black beans until 8 o’clock. I had a car for breakfast (60 yuan a day, there is less public transportation here, not very convenient). I went to the Kowloon Waterfall first. “One waterfall, nine folds, one fold and one pool” is the most concise and vivid description of it.

   It wins with oddity. A strange, waterfall is 600 meters long, the waterfall is 10 fold, forming nine waterfalls and nine pools, and the waterfalls are double wins; the two odd, the geological structure is peculiar, the glacial remains are mysterious; the three odd, the peak of Huangshan Stone Songyun Shuiqi in the Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area And there is a unique style, comprehensive comparison, for the world’s first waterfall.

   If you are free and have plenty of time, it is worth a visit. After entering the scenic spot check-in, when you enter the door, you will see a small waterfall and a pool of water, named “Dragon Girl Pool”, and then you need to climb the Duanshan Road to reach the “Human Waterfall”. Although this road is a mountain road, it is not steep. Next to it is the beauty of the combination of strange stones, flowing water and dense bamboo. It is not hard to stroll slowly and leisurely.

   There was no heavy rain in the days we went. The waterfall was not very large, so it was not so spectacular, but it was strange.

Under the waterfall, with the wind, the water dances to the face and body, bringing refreshing and cool; the sound of the water whistling down the ear, sighing the graceful gentleness and power of nature. Wonderful combination.”Long Xin Tan” is just as famous as it is full of spirituality. Returning to the original road, there is a gentle area in the middle is a good place to play with water. The pool is crystal clear and cool.

We played here in Jiulongtan for more than 2 hours (normally more than 1 hour). When the driver came out of the mountain, the driver of the chartered car came to pick us up and sent us to the “Emerald Valley.” From the big side, these two places have the same meaning, they are water + stone + bamboo. However, the former takes “odd” as the point, while the latter takes “color” as the point. There are more than one hundred different shapes and sizes of different colors in the valley. The pool is crystal clear and transparent, the bottom of the pool is gravel, the water is deep and the stone is strange. The scenery around the pool is beautiful, with different angles of sunlight, different light and darkness, or crystal clear, or emerald green, varied and colorful, like a colorful emerald scattered in the valley, hence the name Emerald Valley. Emerald Valley, also known as “Lover Valley”, highlights the theme of love, and some artificially created landscapes are full of strong lovers. The natural landscape is still beautiful, and the stream is clearer. Except for the downstream water, the water in the pool is the drinking water of the mountain people. It is not allowed to play in the water.

This day is over in our stop and go, play and pat! We climbed the mountain and played with water. We must take a break early and prepare for the next day to climb Huangshan. I hope my travel diary can help you.