Travel guide for the honeymoon trip in the Maldives

I have a fascination with the Greek Love Sea since I was a child. I don’t know which magazine or movie I have seen in the movie, or which movie’s plot lyrics touched me, but these are not important. I only know the three “Aegean Sea”. The word took root in my heart. Therefore, the first choice for honeymoon is to go to Greece or Europe, but the holidays are limited, and there is a maximum of 9 days of leave. I don’t want to be in a hurry, but I lost my travel intentions. Therefore, we can only keep the Greek in my dreams in my heart, leaving it to have a chance to go again. After nearly half a year of wedding preparation, I was nervous and busy. Although the wedding was perfect, I felt physically and mentally exhausted after the end, so the rare honeymoon only wanted to give myself a vacation and enjoy leisure time. So I narrowed my choice to the island and struggled between Mauritius and the Maldives for a while. But I don’t want to do complicated Raiders, just want to say go and go, happy, so I finally decided to choose the Maldives. And it is still a visa-free country, saving a lot of things. It is no wonder that Madai is a honeymoon holy place, and indeed has his extraordinary appeal. Even if a friend tells me that there are nine friends in the circle of ten to go to the honeymoon of the Malay, the common custom is that there are one hundred Maldives in one hundred hearts.

In fact, before the wedding, I didn’t have any thoughts about the honeymoon. I didn’t start planning until after the wedding. It took me three days to set the schedule and the speed. Choosing an island should be a lot of time. Madai is an island hotel. There are hundreds of islands from Samsung to Seven Stars. At first, I was super confused. I don’t know which one to choose. I saw a lot of travel ideas and gradually became clear. Later, I listed several conditions: 1. To fly water to the island, the water flight is a unique transportation mode in the Maldives. If you go, you want to experience it. 2, the water flight time should not be too long, within an hour, afraid of airsickness. 3. Six-star or above islands with perfect facilities and good service. 4, do not have all-inclusive prices, do not want to destroy the goodness of their hearts because of cheap consumption. 5, HB, to include breakfast and dinner. 6, the beach is good, snorkeling free. 7. The most important thing is the consumption budget. Our budget is less than 6,000 US dollars (including air tickets, hotels, restaurants), plus other consumption and shopping on the island is controlled at around 5,000 US dollars. In fact, there are not many that can be selected after so many lists. I want to give a little advice to the friends who are entangled in the island selection. In fact, I really don’t have to worry too much. I have to believe in the Maldives.

No matter which island you go to, you can see such blue sky and white clouds, green trees and coconut shadows, and clear water and white sand. The only difference is the style of the hotel. For the first time we went, this is really not very important, because the beauty is there.

The main restaurant is the best place to watch the sea. The scenery that you can see when you eat is so beautiful, and you can take a postcard.

I was given a sea lunch at noon the next day, and I was very excited.

The third night is a honeymoon meal in an African restaurant. On the beach, under the stars, the sea breeze, the lights are shaking, and the romance is very romantic.