Fleshy buffalo, you can do it at home!

I heard that Fleshy Buffalo is a net red snack. Isn’t that simple? According to my understanding, this should be done. I was able to make a can of pork fluff in the office last week. My goodness, it was a long time ago that the food platform was sent, and I was forgotten. In order not to waste, quickly consume it. After lunch, I finished the cake and baked the cake embryo. I just ran out to the unit when I had not released the mold. When I got off the work in the afternoon and went home, I had already aired for one afternoon. I quickly pressed the cup out of the cup and applied the salad dressing. Wrapped with fluffy meat, he quickly caught the last natural light in front of the window. It was dark after two days, and the baby loved it. The specific production steps will look at my picture below.