How to eat beautiful food —- crack the secret of beauty

Women are all beautiful, for the sake of beauty, many women always choose to go to the beauty salon to maintain the skin. Skincare requires a healthy lifestyle rather than expensive beauty products. The food in daily life can still make your skin shine and eat white and tender skin.

Pea: Beauty and moisturizing skin
It may be due to the eating habits of the Chinese people and the season of peas. Peas are not eaten much in people’s daily lives. However, its health effect can not be underestimated, the study found that peas are rich in vitamin A, vitamin A can be converted into vitamin A in the body, to play a role in the beauty and moisturizing skin. The folks have more colloquial words, “Do you want to take medicine for three years every day,” so good peas, don’t eat, don’t waste.

Pineapple: Improves dry skin and eliminates spots
Pineapple juice is delicious, rich in sugar, fat, protein, as well as carotene, niacin, ascorbic acid and dietary fiber. It can also replenish all the elements needed by the body, help digestion and eliminate toxins from the body, improve dry skin and eliminate spots.

Lemon: rich in vitamins
The yellow-yellow, sour lemon is neither as juicy as apples nor as sweet as strawberries, but it is a fruit that many beauty lovers love. Not only because the lemon is rich in vitamin C, it can make the skin smooth, delicate, white and plump. Also, because lemon can cure cardiovascular, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction and other diseases, the formation of kidney stones. Such a good lemon, only soaking water is not enough!

Pipa: Prevent cancer and delay aging
Pipa has always been a favorite fruit, and the literati singer left “Pipa is debut in May, golden orange and orange like Tian Huang. Buying a basket is still too small, not on the bed of the gums.” The verse, in fact, In addition to its sweet and sour taste, Pipa is also rich in carotene, fruit acids, citric acid, etc., which can prevent cancer and delay aging.

Winter melon: whitening skin effect is remarkable
Don’t look at the winter melon is short and chunky, the cream is white and green, and it is like a white fat doll. Its taste is also fresh and tender. Moreover, melon is also a beauty product, which has a remarkable effect on whitening skin. For friends who want to beauty and beauty, melon is your best choice. Dry autumn, using winter melon to simmer soup, it is very satisfying to drink a bite.

Cherry: Quickly add iron
The cherry color is red and bright, the taste is sweet and sour, nutritious, and has a high health care value. It is known as the “first branch of the fruit.” Moreover, cherries have a particularly high iron content and are located at the top of various fruits. Regular cherries can supplement the body’s demand for iron and promote hemoglobin regeneration. It can not only prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also enhance physical fitness and brain and brain. If you love beauty, you must eat it!