A dish that can also lose weight when eating meat

The original meat can also lose weight
Losing weight has always been a problem for people who have no meat. In fact, when you lose weight, you can eat meat. And eating some meat properly can not only reduce weight, but also promote heart health and enhance people’s memory. If you mix with plastic fruit after a meal, you can also speed up your metabolism and burn fat quickly!

Tuna sausage pasta salad

Bitter gourd fried duck breast

Some people have been angry recently, especially on the face, so they have seen a bitter gourd when they visit the market. They bought the roots without hesitation. For bitter gourd, some people love to be sick, but bitter gourd is bitter, but it has a lot of effects, especially those who are more suitable for bitter gourd, that is to want to lose weight, the bitter melon contains bitter melon, which can make The intake of fat is reduced to achieve the purpose of weight loss, so eat more bitter gourd, can reduce fat, maintain a healthy and good body; at the same time, it can moisturize white skin, calm and moisturize the skin.
Of course, bitter gourd is not only beneficial to the beauty of beauty, it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can treat scurvy, prevent gum bleeding, improve human immunity, protect the heart; the active ingredients in bitter gourd can inhibit the canceration of normal cells and Promote the recovery of mutant cells, has a certain anti-cancer effect; bitter gourd has the effect of clearing heat and eliminating heat, nourishing blood and nourishing qi, nourishing kidney and strengthening spleen, nourishing liver and clearing the eye. It can also lower blood sugar and lower blood fat.
Pull out a piece of duck breast meat from the refrigerator to match it. The duck meat has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing health, and the duck breast meat is the most tender piece of meat on the duck. It is best for it to eat and eat, not to mention its price. It’s not expensive, it’s cheaper than chicken meat, so the family will always buy a few pieces to mix with other dishes to eat. Very simple to stir-fry, but in order to reduce the bitter taste of bitter gourd, you can first salt it with salt, squeeze the water before the pot; and the red pepper added when fried can help us further remove bitterness. How about, I hope that this little skill to remove the bitter taste of bitter gourd helps you fall in love with bitter gourd.

Honey chicken breast —— weight loss essential

I don’t have the fat to the extent of it, but I usually pay attention to the food. It’s all good to go to the supermarket a few days ago. It’s all vegetables, chicken breast, beef, and shrimp. It seems that I haven’t eaten breakfast outside for a long time. The weather is finally fine. I was in a good mood and bought some beautiful dresses. After a few days, I went to spring and patted the beautiful photos.

Steamed squid with garlic and cardamom

Although the steaming method seems simple, if you don’t have to pay attention to the pickling process, the squid will definitely not be smooth and the smell will be heavy. The second is that steamed fish must remember to use a big fire. It is also very important to have a step after steaming the squid. The steamed fish should not be taken out immediately. Put the squid in the pot for about 3 minutes. This is also called steaming. Be sure to remember~

Pan-fried saury

Tuna assorted salad

Tomato tofu, shrimp and shrimp

The soup in the day can not be less water, not only the nutrients lost in the body, but also the water. Try to be less greasy on the diet, but not vegan. Therefore, the intake of high-quality protein is the first to bear the brunt, such as fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, less oil, nutrients and comprehensive, eat no longer worry about how long meat.
I grew up in Beijing when I was a child. The most common seafood in my childhood was fish, yellow croaker, flat fish, and then small shrimp skin. Freshwater fish are still eaten more, and then shrimp grows more and more as the farming industry continues to develop. Although seafood is becoming more and more abundant now, for me, the production of these aquatic products is only at the technical level of cooking and steaming. I am afraid this is related to the deep-rooted diet and cooking methods.
For example, today’s tomato tofu shrimp, if you replace the shrimp into meat, minced meat, potato chips, noodles, I am afraid it is a new dish. So some people often ask me why I can make meals that are not heavy every day. You see, it’s just that simple, a little change can be new. Tomato tofu is red and white, beautiful and appetizing, and with a few shrimps, it becomes very fragrant. Put a little more water and pour out the thick tomato juice. Even the soup doesn’t need to be done extra.

Asparagus, egg, shrimp

Today, I will make asparagus the most popular stir-fry dish in my family—asparagus egg shrimp, stir-fry the special favorite shrimp and eggs with the asparagus. It is a perfect match, the shrimp is tender, the eggs are soft and the asparagus is soft. Crisply combined, the appearance and taste are fresh and natural, and without excessive cooking, the original taste of asparagus is preserved, and the original and sweetness are smashed into the heart. This dish can’t be resisted by the whole family, no matter how good it is. This dish is also expensive to eat, the child increases his intelligence and grows longer, and the man is physically strong and not long. Don’t hesitate in the spring, eat more in the season when it goes on the market.

Coriander fungus mixed with duck breast

My family’s cold duck gizzards are made from marinated duck gizzards, mixed with black fungus and coriander, and then mixed with minced garlic, savory, vinegar and sesame oil. These super-nutritive ingredients are paired together and can be said to be a veritable health salad. It is also a delicious dish, and it is also a delicious cold dish in the hot weather. Every time a friend comes to visit, there will be such a simple and delicious salad dish on the table. The taste is crisp but the taste is long. Friends of the praise, after eating, they will forget.

Shredded Beef

Tomato beef soup

Braised beef, easy recipe

Healthy Western-style chicken breast fried rice noodles

Sesame oil shredded chicken breast

The most interesting thing about my family is the shredded chicken breast. The old man and the child at home are all robbed and then tune the favorite seasonings. Mix them together, share them, and play, who tears the chicken breasts the finest, who’s seasoning It is best to eat, and whoever sells the best is waiting. The family tore and toss while eating, and finally the whole family ate and played, and the New Year’s bell rang.
Shredded chicken breast is a very delicious, low-calorie salad. The practice is also simple. You only need to use the mushroom sauce and sesame oil to easily get the chicken breast. Let’s share this delicious and delicious year.

Garlic black pepper chicken breast

Chicken protein is rich in protein, and it is very easy to be absorbed by the body. Chicken breast meat is high in protein and low in fat. It is very suitable for adults and children to eat, but it must be noted that cooking methods will not taste good and taste bad.
This time, in order to make the chicken breasts taste, I prepared a sealed bag, sealed the chicken breasts, and let the chickens come into close contact with the marinade for a night. It is difficult to taste.
This chicken tastes light honey sweetness and freshly ground black pepper is very special on the tip of the tongue. It is really delicious, not heavy, and it has a light garlic flavor. The chicken breast will not be very dry. Very delicious.
Chicken is
Chicken breast 180g salt 1g honey 10g corn oil / olive oil 20g garlic 3 petals black pepper.