Food hypolipidemic is more effective

Coix seed: blood lipids, blood sugar drop
Coix seed is a traditional beauty skin and skin food. It is also a commonly used medicine for treating diseases. It can lower blood fat and blood sugar, promote metabolism, have diuretic effect, and effectively improve edema, and the calorie is relatively low in calories.

Rose glutinous rice porridge

The sweetness of the rose food is sweet and refreshing.The rose is sweet and palatable, and it can also warm the heart and blood of the human heart, and relieve the body’s suffocation, which can calm, soothe and anti-depress.

Diet is the main source of body nutrition. The beauty of a woman’s skin is nourished by a reasonable diet. It is the best beauty treatment.
Porridge is the best product for food and health. The health and therapeutic effect of porridge has always been praised by Chinese medicine practitioners. It is believed that porridge can regulate appetite, increase appetite, enhance physical fitness and prevent aging and prolong life.

Salmon: lowers blood fat and enhances blood vessel elasticity
Salmon is one of the world’s most famous fish. The scales are small, the meat is orange-red, the meat is tender and delicious, and the taste is smooth. It can be directly eaten raw and cooked. It is a favorite fish. Not only delicious, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it can lower blood triglyceride levels, raise high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and enhance blood vessel elasticity. Although the raw salmon is delicious, you must pay attention to it when you eat it.

Cauliflower: high fiber, low fat
Although cauliflower is not my favorite vegetable, it has a good edible effect. It has low fat content and high dietary fiber content, which is very suitable for people with high blood lipids. In addition, it also contains a variety of micronutrients, which have a strong effect on fighting cancer. However, it should be noted that the vitamins contained in cauliflower are water-soluble, so in order to avoid the loss of nutrients, the best cooking method is: avoid using a knife to change the hand to tear; avoid prolonged stewing, but use the fire Stir-fried or steamed.

Chili: Reduce fat and lose weight
Pepper has the highest proportion of vitamin C in all foods. The study found that vitamin C can improve the body’s microcirculation, reduce capillary fragility, while also reducing cholesterol levels, is a natural lipid-lowering food. Capsaicin can also promote the metabolism of fat, prevent the accumulation of body fat, and thus have the effect of lowering fat and losing weight. However, excessive consumption of pepper can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause diseases such as stomach pain and stomach ulcer.

Peas: cheap, safe and effective
Beans are cheap, safe and effective lipid-lowering foods. The experiment found that as long as you eat half a bowl of beans at noon every day, you can reduce the “bad cholesterol” concentration by 20% within 8 weeks. Bean foods contain a variety of cholesterol-lowering active ingredients, the most important of which are soluble and insoluble fiber in beans.

Peanut: promote cholesterol breakdown
Peanut is rich in phytosterols, a type of sterol compound commonly found in dried fruits, which can compete with cholesterol, thereby inhibiting the body’s absorption of cholesterol and lowering blood cholesterol levels. In addition, peanuts are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, choline, lecithin and other nutrients, which can decompose cholesterol in the human body into bile acids.