Eat 8 kinds of food to remove moisture from the body

Many diseases of the body are related to the unhealthy spleen and stomach. Incorrect diet can affect the health of the body. In turn, a healthy diet is extremely beneficial to our health, selective food selection, and the possibility of treating diseases. There are many hazards of excessive moisture, so which vegetables in our daily meals can help remove moisture?

Winter melon

Winter melon is a common vegetable for diuresis, dampness and heat. The melon and glutinous rice together with the bone-head soup, the effect of dampness is more obvious. Winter melon skin has a therapeutic effect on athlete’s foot, nephritis and cirrhosis.


Mustard bitter taste, can dehumidify diuretic, appetizing gas, heat detoxification, antibacterial swelling, is a kind of vegetable with very good effect and good taste, it is good for hot poisonous swollen, dry mouth thirst, food shortage, etc. Therapeutic effect.


Lentils are also commonly used ingredients for phlegm. The common effect of lentils is to strengthen the spleen and dampness. It can also detoxify and reduce swelling, stop diarrhea and swelling, and cause excessive moisture caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach. You can try to eat more white lentils. White lentils also have a therapeutic effect on diarrhea, fatigue, edema, etc., and also have protective effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can also regulate blood pressure, which is a very good ingredient.

Bitter gourd

The main function of bitter gourd is heat-clearing and detoxifying, but in fact bitter gourd is also a common vegetable for removing damp heat. Bitter melon is cold, especially suitable for summer heat. It can effectively remove heat and heat, especially the quinine contained in bitter gourd. An effective substance for relieving itching, clearing away heat and detoxifying. In addition, bitter gourd can also diuretic and cool blood, clear heart and trouble, benefit Qi and eyesight.


Day lily has extremely rich nutrition, can supplement a lot of nutrients, suitable for regular eating, the cauliflower content of day lily is also very rich, even much higher than tomatoes. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, day lily can spleen and digest food, clear away heat and dampness, diuretic swelling, soothe the eyesight, and often eat not only can strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also dampness and reduce fire.


Onion is a kind of side dish. It is often not used as the main ingredient to make food. But onion also has a lot of therapeutic effects. It is rich in nutrients, can be sterilized, anti-cancer, help digestion, anti-cold, it can also detoxify and phlegm. wet.


Artemisia selengensis has a taste, many people do not like to eat, but Artemisia scoparia is very therapeutic for the loss of appetite caused by dampness cold. Artemisia scoparia can play the role of spleen and stomach, eliminate phlegm and drink, and the substance contained in its special scent It is a beneficial substance for lowering blood pressure and nourishing the brain.

Green bean sprouts

Mung bean sprouts are cold foods that can clear away heat and detoxification. They also have the effect of diuretic dehumidification. When constipation, redness and swelling, dampness and heat stagnation, red urine and other conditions occur, you can eat more green bean sprouts.

These are some common foods that are damp and wet. They can also be treated by diet because of their diet. If you want to get wet, eat more damp food.