“2 to 3 years old” parenting knowledge, standardized language close to the text!

Take walking as children’s daily homework: For 2-year-olds, walking should be regarded as a regular daily course, which is the first step to build a good brain and body. However, it is not enough to walk on the flat ground. It is also necessary to walk on the ramp, cross a single wooden bridge, go up and down stairs, and jump with two feet together.

Contact with the right language: During this period, parents must speak to their children in standard language as much as possible, not in baby language. Buy more books for children, read to them by parents, and read them poems and stories.

Let children be close to words: In order to make children like the words above, parents can intentionally let their children notice the text printed on the back of the book, the label of the goods, and teach him the pronunciation of the words; or while walking, let him pay attention to the words on the shop signs, the numbers on the car signs, and so on. When a child learns a new word, he can find it in books and newspapers, so that his interest in writing will increase.

Skills training: 2-year-old children are very eager to do their own things, such as washing hands, lacing shoes, buttons and so on. Parents only need to patiently teach their children the right way to do it, even if it takes quite a lot of time, they should also let their children do it themselves. The child will study with interest and accomplish the learning task well, which not only satisfies his desire, but also makes him confident in his ability to do it.