Love BALI✿ hugs the summer of the southern hemisphere

Island travel is always the first choice for a relaxing holiday. Every time I see the blue sky and blue sky, I will be unable to extricate myself! Bali is an island that is mysterious and has been voted by many travel magazines as one of the most intoxicating holiday destinations in the world. Strolling through the beautiful beaches, bathed in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, full of green rainforests and wildflowers everywhere, let the body and mind relax!

This holiday paradise in Bali, choose a few good hotels, sleep every day to wake up naturally, play in the infinity pool, enjoy an exotic SPA, these lights are very much expected! On this trip, we have stayed in a total of 6 different hotels.

The first dinner in Bali was the MALIO BORA Javanese restaurant. It is said that the boss is from the roadside shop to the present size. Visitors from all over the world come to Bali to taste it. The unique spices and techniques make the bone-bone chicken bite in the mouth every mouth is very tender, crisp and even can be swallowed. Paired with Javanese sweet and spicy roast duck, Indian vegetable soup, green vegetables, special HAPPY SODA… ordinary cuisine is very satisfying.

Bali is different from the general island. It is really big and bigger than you think… Although the tourism industry is developed, there is basically no public transportation. There are no trains, no buses, no subways, and the traffic conditions in the city are very chaotic. I think Bali is apart from Ubud and Kuta, the roads in other places are very bad, and from time to time they encounter the Panshan Highway, the card is bent one by one, all kinds of ramps, plus the road is very narrow or left, I have dizziness and chest tightness many times. symptom.

In order to alleviate the tiredness of yesterday’s journey, the first stop arranged an oil massage. Indonesian spa masseurs are different from Thailand. When they come up, they wash their feet, exfoliate, and then massage with oil. The whole process lasts for about 2 hours, allowing people to relax in the essential oil fragrance. After the stress relief SPA came out, the whole person was a lot lighter, and a beautiful day has just begun!

The coverage of vegetation in Southeast Asian countries is very high, as is Bali, and it is full of greenery. Come to ARENA for lunch, the restaurant is empty, just like the feeling of this kind of private field. With a lazy, dark wood and brick wall design, retro stickers and Balinese landscape photos can be found everywhere.

The drifting in the morning was too raging, and the hands and feet were slightly sour. In the afternoon, we headed north to the Batur volcano in Kintamani, where we sneaked into the natural volcanic hot springs in the high-altitude Batur volcanic area. All the way in the car to look at the Kintamani volcano, the scenery is drunk! The hot spring pool is built in the original style and blends in with the environment. We are almost ready to go to loving.

The most important thing to do in Bali is to brush the sights. The best thing to do is to slow down, vacate the beach, enjoy the cool under the big tree, sleep in the hotel or take a photo with the camera. These were a waste of time. Things, here, are taken for granted.

The Temple of Water, also known as the Ulundanu Temple, is the most distinctive temple on Bali, built entirely on a temple building on the water.
It is also a must-see temple in Bali. It is the background pattern of the 50,000-faced Indonesian rupiah. The scenery here is very beautiful and often appears in landscape postcards or photographs. There are four Hindu temple towers in the Temple of the Water. The most famous are the two on the lake. The three-story temple tower standing in the water is built on a holy spring, worshipping the god of the child. Next, to the eleventh-floor temple tower, worship is the goddess of the lake, Video. The Temple of the Water is also named after the tower. There is a Laila Botanical Garden near the temple, which is one of the attractions that can be seen from the Temple of the Water. The environment is very good, the mountains and rivers are full of flowers and plants, and the whole atmosphere is laid-back. Natural scenery blends with the elements of religion and even people without religious beliefs will not feel uncomfortable inside. Even if you don’t believe in ancient gods, you should believe in this quiet beauty. The palace is located in Ubud, which is known as the Balinese art town. It was built in the 16th century and designed by famous artists. The interior of Ubud Palace is not external, because there are still royal residences in the palace. Visitors can only take photos while walking in the door. Because the open area is not large, it will not be long before they can be read. The interior of Ubud Palace is like a garden, and there are some gazebo buildings and statues filled with Balinese style. The Ubud Market, also known as the Ubud Traditional Market, is located opposite the Ubud Palace and is Bali’s most famous shopping destination. It is also a must-see for every visitor.

Since most of the residents of Lembongan Island live on the cultivation of seaweed and there is no industrial pollution, the blue and green water here is clear. The blue jewel-like sea and the white, soft sands depict a soft coastline. It’s so romantic to have a candlelight dinner with the most loved ones. The bridge deck of the cross-sea bridge is very narrow, the car is completely open, only for pedestrians and motorcycles, but with the blue water behind it, it is so beautiful. The blue fjord of Lembongan Island, because the seabed topography is special, the waves will hit the edge of the cliff. The eyes of the real sea are filled with tears, and then gently recede, so it is named “the tears of the sea.” The mist of the water formed a very beautiful rainbow under the sunlight, and the deep blue water of the tears of the sea surprised me. Because of a gap in the rock, the waves will turn around here, creating huge waves and white fog. It is very spectacular. We all look at each other, and the talent of nature is always infinite. Our journey is slowly ending in food and beauty.