Parenting knowledge: “1 year to 2 years old” parenting knowledge, mother must know!

Parents try not to use “no”: at this time, children like to try to do various things, parents must not blindly “no” to stop their children’s behavior. If parents do this, their children will become very negative and unable to build self-confidence. “No” is said only when the child’s actions are dangerous or have a very bad effect on the formation of the child’s character.

The way to give toys to children: Parents must give toys to children that can learn something from them, such as toys that can develop imagination, train vocalization, etc. Don’t give them too many toys at once, which will make children distracted and unable to cultivate children with concentration and stable temperament; Parents should be in harmony with each other. Children play together to help their wisdom grow.

  • Parents should talk to their children as much as possible: during this period, children will develop rapidly in language comprehension and their understanding of what parents say will increase rapidly, but this requires parents to guide their children to speak and teach them the correct language in their daily life.
  • Text reading: Reading simple picture books for babies – developing language ability, expanding vocabulary and developing babies’emotions. Babies’vocabulary at this stage should be expanded from 2-3 to about 250. Read with your baby for half an hour every day. If your baby is interested in the words and words in the book, you can move your fingers along the lines while reading, so that the baby can establish a relationship between the spoken language and the meaning represented by the words.